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The Graduate Program by MERGE Core Truth

A 3-month, highly personalized, 1-on-1 mentor program with MERGE Core Truth founder, Jennifer Mergen, to build the foundation of your Core Truth. Early on you'll identify your values, priorities and the energy that is most aligned to living these values and priorities. Then you'll learn how to access that energy quickly and easily and live a life aligned to your Core Truth.   - 12-week MERGE Core Truth program;- Customized weekly mentoring call with Jennifer;- Accountability - to what you say you want and to living from your Core Truth;- Audio downloads of your sessions;- Exercises, Worksheets and assignments that can be easily integrated into your life, yet challenge the way you have been living life;- Access to The Fundamentals online program ($395 value) For $1,500/Month for 3 Months . This includes 12 modules with exercises and a customized weekly call.We create an AM or PM time slot which will never waver on either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.Our customers sign an irrevocable, non-cancelable contract for 90 days for 12 modules, because inCore Truth, perhaps for the first time, the absolute priority is yourself.We do not let you substitute or surrender that priority. You will leave the 3 month, 12 module Graduate Program empowered with your Core Truth, which will remain your asset for a lifetime. Upon graduation we will open up our Gold Program, followed by our Platinum Program, which will give you BAM, velocity, acceleration, momentum, and will expand Core Truth to the other areas of your life. We want it to be consistent and integrated. Because integration of truth is what makes your foundation concrete, not quicksand.  

$1500 USD each month for three months

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