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What the heck is MERGE Core Truth?

At its simplest level, MERGE Core Truth is a fast, simple process and set of tools that allow you to connect to your personal power & values, then experience what they feels like in your body. This creates an integration (or MERGE) so you may quickly and easily tap into your personal power, live from your ideal energy, and create the life you desire!

Learn to use the physical sensations of your body to alter your emotions and life experiences. Through physiological changes, you can easily transform your thoughts, beliefs and emotional state, creating a life that works for you, and not against you. As you “MERGE”, you are transforming energy and frequency by using the physical sensations of your body to alter the way you feel.

Once you have developed this practice in your life, you can more smoothly and confidently move yourself forward through stress, anxiety, fear, apprehension, uncertainty, and so much more.

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The Foundation

MERGE Core Truth was developed on 3 theories:





Meet Jennifer Mergen

Creator and founder of MERGE Core Truth and I'm My Guru. 

As a former hypnotherapist, host of the FOX Sports series, The Minnesota Traveler, and having served as a mentor for an internationally recognized emotional intelligence program, her work is as fun and as deep as her eclectic experience.

Built on Jennifer’s Core Truth, all of her work is designed on the foundation that YOU are the primary expert in your life. The tools in her programs guide you to see what you need so you can finally hit the bullseye in your own life.

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Give you organization a competitive advantage

Jennifer's customized corporate program uses your company's values and priorities as the foundation for introducing your employees to the benefits of MERGE Core Truth.

Programs can be developed as a 1-time experience, or on-going training to lead your team to hit the bullseye in their life and career!


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