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1: Physiological changes alter emotions and feelings.

2: The the disconnect we see in the world around us,
begins with the disconnect we experience within ourselves.

3: The energy produced when an individual is 
connected to their higher self is the energy of “flow” 
(a.k.a. creation or manifestation).


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1-On-1 Training

Highly customized 1-on-1 sessions with
MERGE Core Truth founder,
Jennifer Mergen.
This isn't typical life coaching - this is you identifying and learning to use all the tools you were born with to hit the bullseye in your life.

Online Programs

Coming Soon! The Fundamental by MERGE Core Truth, a 6-week course to tune you in to the physical sensations of your best energy, so you can bring it forth quickly and easily and live a life you love!

Corporate Programs

Lead by MERGE Core Truth founder, Jennifer Mergen, this group workshop is designed to empower your employees and connect them more deeply to their passion, as well as the goals and mission of your company. 

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This is you learning how to be the best for yourself at a physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual level.  

Your Core Truth is the greatest coach, mentor, guru, counselor,
etc. you will ever encounter.

Once you are connected to your Core Truth, the BS you once
allowed yourself to accept, becomes difficult to tolerate.

Become Your Own Guru!

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